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  • Do you work in my genre?
    We work in all genres—fiction and non-fiction—and we have editors and designers who specialize in specific genres as well. Our professional editing team is ready to jump right in!
  • How do you determine my editing fee?
    Our editing team will look over a 3,000-word sample during. Our editing consultation and provide sample edits and comments. Should you decide we're a good fit for you, your consultation fee will be subtracted from your final invoice. Editing start at $.02/word to for fiction and $.08/word for non-fiction. These prices are determined after looking at your sample and figuring out how much work will need to go into the manuscript. The best way to keep your editing fees low is to make sure your book is as clean as possible before professional editing. You'll also want to make sure your storyline is solid and doesn't have any major plot holes or development issues so you can avoid any major rewrites.
  • What is your five-step editing process?
    Our five-step editing process is designed to make sure your book is the best it can be. You will receive tworounds of content and development, two rounds of line and copy, and one proofread. You will always have more than one editor on your project—more eyes help create a cleaner book.
  • Why are some book covers more expensive than others?
    Custom book covers guarantee there is no other cover like yours. Covers with up to two images are easier to make and take less time as well. Designing graphics with three or more images takes considerably more time and effort.
  • How long does it take to produce a book?
    The cover can be designed in a about a week. Editing can take anywhere from four to eight weeks depending on the length of the book, how much needs to be rewritten, and the amount of work the editors need to put into it. Please keep in mind, not all books are the same and cases may vary. Many times, it's up to the author as well. We have some clients who put projects on hold or just need more time than others. That's okay! We will work with you! Non-fiction generally takes the longest because the content editor must verify everything in the book to check for accuracy. Interior formatting can be completed in approximately a week. Never rush the production of your book; you'll be happy you took your time.
  • Do you accept PayPal?
    Due to issues with PayPal and our inability to trust their practices as of late, we no longer use PayPal for invoicing purposes. Invoices are sent through Novo Bank, and payment can be made securely through Stripe by clicking the link in the invoice. You do not have to set up an account with either platform in order to submit your payment.
  • Do you accept checks?
    We do not take checks, including e-checks.
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