Book Stack



It's simple. Authors need one place where they can go to get design, editing, and formatting help. In addition, we at Beyond DEF will not only assist you with launching your book but we will set up a marketing strategy to jump-start sales and get your story the attention it deserves.


We can do it all without having to go to a variety of vendors or spend hours tracking down services. With our individual services, we will make your novel the best it can be by offering all the convenience of a traditional publisher without giving up control or royalties. You oversee your manuscript every step of the way and keep all the money after it is published. Ask us about our publishing packages!


What started out with a vision to help authors produce their best books possible has turned into a unique business approach offering any writer a satisfactory publishing experience. Taking the author’s words and building a book is what the team at Beyond DEF is all about. We help authors make their paper dreams a reality.