Manuscript Editing

The Beyond DEF editing team goes through each manuscript with one goal: to create the best reader experience. Our editing process implements five steps. You will receive two rounds of content editing, two rounds of line editing, and one proofread. 

Starting at $.02/word

Blurb Creation

​Writing blurbs isn't an easy task, but Beyond DEF can help. At Beyond DEF, our editors and writers possess the talent and can take your brief content and turn it into an eye-catching and thought-provoking blurb.

Starting at $35

Manuscript Proofreading

The Beyond DEF editing team will comb through your final draft to make sure the book is clean, polished, and ready to publish and print. When proofreading, our editors will ensure each book is ready to sell for a singular, enjoyable reading experience.

Starting at $.005/word 

Website Content Edit

​Websites matter! If your website doesn't reflect who you are as a writer,  Beyond DEF can help. Content editing a website is very important because, if done poorly, visitors to your site could be discouraged. 

Starting at $25/hour 

Manuscript Critique

The Beyond DEF editing team will give your manuscript an expert evaluation on your book's content and marketability that includes a helpful analysis and advice on how to increase its potential.

Starting at $250

Query Prep

Your manuscript is complete and you're ready to find an agent or publisher. Allow Beyond DEF's editors to assist you with the query letter so you'll have the confidence to find success in this venture. 

Starting at $150